NL residents complained more about foreign web stores

NL residents complained more about foreign web stores

More and more people in the Netherlands report having problems when buying products from foreign online stores, financial services corporation Mastercard reported this week. According to them, three-quarters of customers reported an issue when making online purchases via a foreign website in 2020, five percent more compared to the year prior.

Nonetheless, foreign web shops were more popular than ever. Nearly 80 percent of online shoppers made at least one purchase on a foreign site. Additionally, a quarter of people in the Netherlands that shop online order more via foreign online stores since the pandemic began. Low prices were listed as the most compelling reason.

Nearly a fifth of online consumers claimed to have been victims of fraud on foreign websites. Other complaints involved items being delivered late or not at all, as well as damaged products.

Despite frequent issues, only a third reported buying insurance with their purchase through which they would receive their money back in case of complications.

Dutch web shops have also gained ground since the first lockdown began. Seven out of ten people state to shop more at Dutch online stores than before the pandemic.