Monopoly cards get complete new makeover

Monopoly cards get complete new makeover

Toy producer Hasbro announced on Thursday that the board game Monopoly will receive a new look. For the first time in the 86 years since Monopoly was created, all 16 Community Chest Cards will have new tasks.

“The world has changed a lot since Monopoly became a household name more than 85 years ago and clearly today community is more important than ever”, said Eric Nyman, Chief Consumer Officer at Hasbro.

In the past, Community Chest Cards centered around beauty contests, holiday funds and life insurance. These are no longer topics that truly reflect the meaning of ‘community’ Hasbro feels.

The new cards are focused on tasks that give back to the community, for example, shopping locally and helping your neighbors.

Fans get to decide which cards will be included in the game. Online you can choose among 32 cards such as “You help your neighbors clean up their yards after a big storm” and “You organize a family reunion”. Half of the suggestions will be included in the new version of the game, which can be found in stores this fall.